Rehearsal dinner is a traditional pre-wedding ceremony followed in the United States. The ceremony takes place after the wedding rehearsal and before the night of the wedding ceremony. In the rehearsal dinner, the bride and the groom’s family and the groom usually come together to have a fine dinner. The activities include toasting and the presents for the people who have helped the bride and the groom prepare the wedding day ceremony. The people’s efforts to make the wedding day preparations are acknowledged at the wedding rehearsal dinner table.

The barbecue rehearsal dinner theme

You can pick any theme for your wedding rehearsal dinner as there is no specific rule to be followed. It is your day. You choose any rehearsal dinner theme for the day as per your preference. Everyone loves a barbeque theme. No one would say no to a barbecue theme rehearsal dinner for your wedding. A BBQ themed dinner would be great for your wedding rehearsal dinner. Choose the activities, invitation cards, beers, and the table setting, designs which suit your barbecue rehearsal dinner theme. Choose the restaurant or carter that serves the best BBQ in your town.

The thing that takes place at the rehearsal dinner

  • Dinner –

Dinner takes place, of course, as the name itself suggests. It won’t be a proper rehearsal dinner if your dinner theme and food go down. The wedding rehearsal dinner mainly centers on the dinner, so make sure the source you select for the food is the best.

  • Toasting –

Toasts are toasted during the rehearsal dinner to acknowledge everyone and showcase the love you hold within for your friends and family.

  • Gifts –

The bride and groom present gifts for their family members and friends at the rehearsal dinner instead of the wedding day. The gifts are presented to acknowledge the love and the care from the bride and groom’s side to the family and the friends.

  • Small gathering –

It is the close circle of friends and family of the bride and the groom who spend quality and fun time together before the wedding. All people love wedding rehearsal dinner as it brings all the family and friends together and bonds them.

  • Groom’s cake –

According to the United States tradition, the groom’s cake is served at the wedding rehearsal dinner and not on the actual wedding day.

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