Even when you want to plan a small, intimate and budget wedding, you would still want a few basic things. Your wedding is the biggest day of your life, and you deserve to feel special and loved. Planning the wedding with your fiancé can be fun and overwhelming at the same time. If you are in Houston, finding venues, wedding services, videographers and photographers doesn’t have to be hard. In this post, we are sharing more on planning a budget wedding in Houston.

Start early

That’s the best way to keep an eye on the costs. You need to start looking for Houston wedding venues at least a few months in advance. You can expect to get good offers from videographers, catering services, decorators and photography services too, as long as you pay the basic amount and confirm the booking.

Think of outskirts

The biggest banquets and wedding venues in the top areas of Houston will be expensive, and even if you get a discount, it wouldn’t be huge or enough. Instead, go for outskirts, and if the weather permits, consider an outdoor wedding. In case of outdoor weddings, the videographers have much more freedom to take larger-than-life footage, and can even use drones for aerial videos.

Be specific

Most of the time, people end up spending more on weddings, because they simply don’t check what is included in the package and select whatever seems cheap. Instead, check all packages and wedding service quotes to find details of what’s included. Once you have figured out what you definitely do not need, you can go ahead and negotiate further. For instance, if you are hiring videographers, ask them to offer a package that doesn’t include extras like wedding teasers, and if you don’t have pre-wedding events, you can reduce the time taken by them by a couple of hours.

Get estimates

Always check for estimates in advance, and ensure that every detail is clear to you. Many wedding vendors have the habit of increasing prices in the name of add-ons and that’s not something you would want later. Make sure that the estimates are transparent, and a contract must be signed with each selected service, outlining the terms and conditions.

Many videographers and photographers in Houston can help you choose between venues and work around a budget, so make sure to check for that. References are always handy for planning a budget wedding.

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