Planning your big day can be overwhelming, there is just so much stuff to consider. One of the most important things to get right is the venue, if you select the right setting, you will have a memorable occasion. If the weather allows, you should think about hosting the ceremony outdoors in a garden. Garden weddings are magical for a variety of reasons, here are just some of them.

All in One – Having your ceremony in a garden setting allows you to have an all in one event. After the couple have been wed, the place can be transformed into a dining area. There is no need to move around to various rooms, the entire ceremony can take place in the garden. If you are looking for wedding venues in Sydney, you will find plenty of beautiful locations which offer garden wedding facilities.

Unique Food Options – If you decide to have a garden wedding, it gives you the chance to put on some unique food options. We all know that food and drink is essential to ensure a great wedding, so why not use delicious picnic food and summery meals with are synonymous with garden parties?

Fresh Air – There is nothing like tying the knot surrounded by nature and all its beauty. You aren’t enclosed by concrete walls and synthetic designs; mother nature is your artist. You only have to look around to enjoy the beauty and take in the fresh air.

Budget Friendly – If you opt for an outdoor wedding in a garden setting, beauty isn’t the only benefit of the environment. With natures beautiful features all around you, why spend more money on flowers? Garden weddings already grant you with a stunning background. You can focus your floral budget on a simple centrepiece rather than having to decorate the entire room.

Multiple Locations – You never quite know what to expect when hosting a summer wedding outdoors, but this is the beauty of a garden wedding. One minute you are out in the open, the next the entire group has moved indoors to another unique setting.

As you can see, there are plenty of good reasons to opt for a garden wedding, especially if you can find the right venue that caters for outdoor events. Instead of doing the usual indoor ceremony, why not change it up and enjoy the big day outside? Garden weddings have a fairy-tale like quality that makes for a unique ceremony.

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