Want a lavish fancy wedding? Or are you looking for a nice arrangement only for near and dear ones? If you are in Greeneville, you will find no dearth of venues. From haunted hotels that promise enough thrill to banquets that have all that you need. In this post, we are sharing a guide on how to find the best venue for wedding receptions in Greeneville.

  • Start looking an advance. No matter the budget or your preferences, once you have figured out the dates and guest list, start looking for venues as early as possible. This allows you enough time to explore and look around. Booking in advance has one more advantage, you can actually have the time to negotiate and find a place that suits your wedding needs. Don’t be surprised to know that many Greeneville hotels are booked months in advance.
  • Consider accommodation. If yours is a destination wedding in Greeneville, or you have guests who would be coming from nearby areas, you have to consider accommodation for your guests. In that context, selecting a hotel might be a much better idea because you can actually evaluate and work have the guests stay in the same place as the banquet. In return, this reduces the cost of transportation.
  • Think of dining and menu. Many banquets have ready menus for selected and special events like weddings and receptions, but the good news is you can always choose to customize everything as per your requirements. Make sure that you have discussed the catering options, including things like if the hotel will take care of the cleanup once the event is over.

  • Get estimates, but don’t rush. It might be tempting to select a venue that costs the lowest, but for the biggest day of your life, the last thing you would want is a cheap setup. We strongly suggest that you get the estimates in advance to shortlist the best choices, but make sure to visit in person.
  • Think of décor. When you visit the hotel or banquet in person, ask what is included in the price. Many banquets have standard arrangements, but you can ask for specific details for an extra cost. Make sure that you have a separate estimate for that, as well.

Finally, have fun. It’s your wedding. Take your time to find a venue that promises great moments to cherish for years to come. Greeneville just has enough options!

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