No matter whether you are a local living here, or someone who always fancied a destination wedding in Galveston, finding the right venue matters. Your wedding is the most important day of your life, and it deserves a venue that stands out. The good news is you can find numerous Galveston wedding venues to choose from, but before making the final choice, consider the factors listed below.

  • Your budget. Galveston has some really old, historic venues for events like weddings and parties, and it all depends on your budget. It is absolutely important to have a budget in mind, and if required, you can tweak the same to accommodate a space that you like. Spending a tad more on a premium banquet or venue is never a bad idea.
  • Scout in person. Many real estate services have restored historic buildings. A good example would Hutchings-Sealy Building, which has a bar on the 2nd floor with an incredible view – ideal for small wedding receptions. We recommend that you find a reliable real estate service and go around with their experts to find and select between venues.
  • Think of the basics. First things first, for a wedding venue, you need enough parking for guests. It is also wise to look for event venues based on your guest list. For instance, if you are expecting just 50 people, you don’t need a big venue. Besides parking, you need space to accommodate décor and design needs. The last thing you would want is a cramped wedding venue.

  • Consider other requirements. When it comes to events like weddings, catering is an aspect that needs attention. Some venues allow for outside vendors, others don’t, and in some cases, you may have to select between existing menus. Some venues only allow for food to be ready and served, while others may have arrangements. Check these aspects before booking.

Book in advance

There is no dearth of choices in wedding venues in Galveston, and we recommend that you start looking for places as early as possible. Don’t shy away from asking questions when you meet a real estate service, and make sure that the venue is accessible for your guests. Choosing one of the prime properties is a great way to make your wedding a true dreamy affair.

Final word

Weddings often require months of planning, and if you work with a good real estate service in Galveston, you can actually save on the costs considerably.

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