Not every wedding is the same. Sometimes, you’d be forgiven for thinking so with the countless wedding dress adverts, wedding venue marketing and the general consensus of what a wedding ‘should’ look like that we see in everyday culture and art. The important thing to remember if you are in the process of planning a wedding, is that there are no limits to what you want from your big day. If you are searching for an alternative wedding venue to fit a very specific theme that you would like, or to hit some special notes that fit you, your partner and your loved ones, be prepared to do some research, find the right suppliers and you can have your dream alternative wedding.

It isn’t always straightforward to find the perfect wedding venue. Not all of us want to get married in a church and find the idea of a big wedding on a grand estate a bit too much to handle. The cost of wedding venue, the location for your guests to travel, capacity issues and many other factors all play into your final decision. For many people, there is a real desire to find a unique and alternative wedding venue than what you usually see. In the UK, there are some amazing locations and venues that you might not necessarily think of as a wedding venue but have been transformed to provide the perfect place to get hitched!

Whether you want to get married in a castle, have your wedding ceremony in a train station, an old cinema, swimming pool, or other type of weird and wonderful location, with some hard work and planning you can have your dream alternative wedding.

One of the most popular alternative wedding venue types in the UK is that of a lighthouse. This quirky and incredibly unique choice of wedding event is not beyond the realms of possibility. There are a number of lighthouses along the British coast that are available for weddings, including a lighthouse in Glamorgan, South Wales that is still actually operational. A lighthouse is the perfect alternative wedding venue for those searching for an ethereal and intimate wedding space with limited guests.

In a similar vein, Norfolk is home to a windmill that offers wedding venues. Again, this is strictly for small weddings of parties of 20 or under. It can make for a very special destination wedding, where the entire weekend can be made a special treat for those involved.

For many people, alternative wedding venues began with converted farmhouses. There are some beautiful converted farms, or operational farms, that provide a cosy, cost-effective alternative to other weddings in the countryside, whilst there are some beautiful and magical vineyards that double up as spectacular wedding venues too.

Another unusual alternative wedding venue can be found in Manchester, where the Victoria Baths allows wedding guests to sit comfortably inside the massive swimming pool, with ceremonies taking place at the bottom of the Gala Pool, and different areas in the building allowing for a weird and wonderful wedding reception. You won’t need your swimmers though; the pool has been drained of water!

Your wedding day is one of the most special occasions you’ll ever have. If you are not keen on the ‘traditional’ wedding day that you’ve seen countless times before on stage and screen or when attending other people’s weddings, do not fear, there are plenty of alternative wedding themes that you can put together. Choose a unique wedding venue that suits the style that you and your partner want – you can see above that there are many different quirky ideas to choose from – pick a bridal boutique with a reputation for offering alternative wedding dresses, and start to prep what will be a glorious day if you stay true to you.

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