Sending flowers to someone you love means a lot. Flowers are not only sent during a special occasion, you can send flowers to a friend, your spouse or parents anytime you want them to know that you appreciate them. But not just any kind of flower will send the same message. Different flower colors will have a different meaning.

Most people do not know this and that is why they just send a bunch of bright yellow flowers to their mothers on Christmas without knowing what it may mean. Flowers are not just to cheer some one up, flowers have secret meaning and if you are not careful you may end up sending the wrong information to the wrong person. Floriography is the fancy name used to describe the secret language of flowers.

Here are some Floriography for you.

Acacia can be a good choose is you are sending the flowers to your friend. This is not really romantic but is a unique type of flower to choose.
When it comes to someone you have a secret crush on then sending then Agapanthis flowers will be a smart and romantic idea. You can choose blue or even the white one that will send the same meaning.
When sending flowers to your wife or girlfriend the Aster will be the best choose. The big sun like flowers will take their breath away. When shopping for Aster flowers you will have a couple of color choice to pick from and this will depend on your wife or girlfriend favorite color.
When planning to send flowers of good luck to a woman then Bells of Ireland flowers are the ones you should send. This kind of flowers can be mixed with any other type of flower and still look great. Most people use Bells of Ireland flower bouquet for wedding decoration.
If the ‘good luck’ is to a man then the one you can send are Camellia flowers. However when it comes to camellia the color of the flower will tell a really different meaning.
When you send some one pink Camellia you are actually telling them that you long for them.
When you send reds camellia’s you are telling some one that ‘you are the frame in my heart’
White Camellias are sent when telling someone that they are adorable.
When you miss someone then the best type of flower you can send is Carnation flower.
For mothers day or when you just what to make you mother fill special then you can send her a banquet of white Carnation. Another good choice for your mother Moss flowers.
When trying to send someone you saw for the first time and you liked them like love at first sight and you want to send them flowers that will automatically send that message for you then sending Gloxinia flowers. Gloxinia flowers are really adorable and unisex regardless of the color you choose.

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